My name is Ryan Goldstein and I'm an entrepreneur, product developer, and aspiring craft brewer.  For the last 8 years I've been deeply engrained in the drone space from both a corporate and entrepreneurial position.  After developing and patenting my own drone concept, called Quadbox, I decided to join GoPro in 2015 to develop their first drone. This product, called Karma, was designed to be the most versatile, portable, and easy-to-use air and ground stabilization system on the market.  After seeing this product through from printed prototypes to market launch , I then sold the patent I created for Quadbox, and made an exit from this space.

I recently started working on my next venture full-time, as the Co-founder of Craft Cups. Craft Cups are disposable pint and taster cups to give the true craft beer experience when glassware isn't available.  This is only the beginning of what I see as a business to help people discover and appreciate the great variety of craft beer out there.