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Advanced Tactics, Inc.

Mechanical Design Engineer, January 2011 - May 2013

Worked at a start-up company funded by the US Army and Air Force to develop air and ground mobile, multirotor drones.  The prototype vehicles ranged in size from 10 lbs to 4,400 lbs.  Relevant, non-proprietary work included:

  • SolidWorks design, FEA simulation, and manufacturing of several multirotor drones

  • Worked with electric and gas engine propulsion systems

  • Vehicle testing: component assembly, vehicle checklists, and basic testing procedures

  • Aided in proposal drafting and patent documentation


Black Knight Transformer

There were 2 main products being developed at Advanced Tactics - one of which was the Black Knight Transformer.  A first of its kind in vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, the vehicle was designed to be highly modular for a wide variety of payloads including a ground drive-train that allowed it to drive like an automobile.


Gas-Powered, Large Aircraft

An electric multirotor is challenging to develop, but the Black Knight Transformer was an entirely different beast.  With 8 gas powered aircraft engines, 7-foot propellers, and a full ground drive-train and suspension, the Black Knight is an incredibly versatile and unique machine.  


Electric Products and Prototypes

A large part of my role at Advanced Tactics was to develop all of our electric prototypes.  These prototypes showed to have a market niche of their own and were used as bids for multiple military contracts.  The video below shows one of these products, the AT Panther, in action.