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Air Vinyl Design

Founder, March 2016 - Present

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Starting as a high quality, decal accessory for Apple AirPods, Air Vinyl has expanded into a unique line of high-quality AirPod cases, including the patent-pending ZenPod Case - the first ever spinning case for AirPods.


I started Air Vinyl Design after I was given AirPods as a gift.  After using them nonstop for a week, and staring at the plain white case that everyone said looked like dental floss, I searched online to see if I could get something to add a unique twist to the case. Ideally what I wanted was a black decal similar to the ones you see people making for MacBooks - something simple and minimalist, that would compliment Apple's design language. To my surprise, I couldn't find anything like that. So that's when I decided to step in and set a challenge for myself: My goal was to create a decal style accessory for AirPods using $500 and make a sale in 4 weeks.

To my delight, I was able to achieve the first sale in 3 weeks after creating 5 different product options available for purchase.  At this point I decided to start a blog to outline what I was doing to build this business so people could follow along and learn from my experience.  This blog started with a look at creating and launching a product and then moved on to cover topics such as digital advertising and wholesale distribution.  The blog can be found using the link below!